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Bryan Indirect Pool Heaters

Literature on indirect pool heaters.New brochure describes Bryan’s thirty standard models of “Flexible Water Tube” Indirect Pool Heaters with inputs from 350,000 to 8,000,000 BTUH, which will maintain desired temperatures in swimming pools from 16’ x 36’ to 100’ x 150’. Within this offering are atmospheric gas fired and forced draft gas, oil and dual-fuel fired heaters.

Heart of the Bryan Indirect Pool Heater is the all-copper Heat Exchanger which transfers heat from the hot primary water to the pool water as it flows through the exchanger. Since the exchanger coils are not subjected directly to the intense heat of the fire, but only to the hot water within the heater, there is no scale or corrosion problem.

The very concept of indirect heating assures improved performance and maintenance-free operation. Bryan Indirect Pool Heaters are also particularly suited for multi-purpose heating. For example a single unit can be used for pool heating and space heating; pool heating, domestic hot water and space heating; pool heating, space heating and snow melting.

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